Our Story

Verso Parnell was born in Paris's artistic hearts, infusing French elegance into every timepiece. Now rooted in Dubai, we blend tradition with futuristic ambition, selecting only premium, ethical materials. Our watches, celebrated worldwide, mirror our reputation for excellence and approachable luxury.

Revolutionary Designs for the Modern Man and Woman

At Verso Parnell, we believe watches symbolize your authentic self. In our eyes, great watches do more than just tell the time–they represent your individual and complex nature.
This is the ethos behind our designs, with styles that feel like they were made uniquely for you.

Verso Parnell watches are inspired from French design. We craft them from unexpected and unconventional materials to deliver bold, recognizable designs that fuse precision, superior engineering, and game-changing technology. Our watches are constructed with precision-polished stainless steel and treated with an electrochemical process that lends a superb shine. This process enhances the watch’s aesthetic and extends the durability of your timepiece. 


For those who favor a bold visual style, our curation of skeleton watches––known as open-worked watches––are intentionally designed to showcase the open-heart movements of a mechanical watch. Skeleton watches are ideal for watch enthusiasts who appreciate the intricacies of watchmaking; who are on the hunt for a piece of art to sate their technical and aesthetic cravings. Verso Parnell men’s and women’s watches and accessories are an exclusive, limited-edition collaboration .


At Verso Parnell, we are committed to giving back to those that are less fortunate. For example, to help fight the hunger epidemic, we are giving $5 from every order to charities and families that need help the most.